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Javascript Question

If value in one div is higher than other

I'm trying to hide a div if the value in one div is higher than an other. So far I have this:

<div class="limit">500</div>
<div class="leased">600</div>
<div id="next">next</div>

$("#next").toggle($(".leased").text() > $(".limit").text());

So in effect if the value in the
div is higher than the value in the
div the
div is hidden.

Currently I'm just seeing all divs display. I've done quite a bit of Googling, but no joy. It's probably too basic!

Answer Source

Your code is close, you just need to convert the values you're comparing to integers using parseInt(). You also need to reverse the comparison to hide #next when the .leased value is higher. Try this:

$("#next").toggle(parseInt($(".leased").text(), 10) < parseInt($(".limit").text(), 10));
<script src=""></script>
<div class="limit">500</div>
<div class="leased">600</div>
<div id="next">next</div>

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