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iOS Question

What does the "Fabric.framework/run" build phase actually do?

I use the Crashlytics framework for crash collecting in iOS Apps.

When you use the framework, a "Build Phase" is added to your target that runs

/Fabric/Fabric.framework/run <big-hex-blob> <another-even-biger-hex-blob>

I'd love to know that these actually do – I'm not entirely happy with having external vendors' tools monkey about with my build, I'm old school like that.

Answer Source

Mike from Crashlytics and Fabric here.

The run script build phase is used, along with your <APIkey> and <BuildSecret>, to automatically handle the uploading of dSYMs so that you, and other developers, never need to manually upload one.

Similarly, the /Crashlytics.framework/submit command is used for distributions through Beta, our beta distribution service.

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