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cancel url response paypal

I'm new using paypal and I'm searching this question in 1 day. I need your help guys. I've done coding express checkout API and I successfully getting the payment transaction but my problem is the cancel url. When I cancel my payment, it returns to my cancel url and the paypal gives token like this url

Is it possible to get the firstname, lastname or any info about the client when the client click the cancel and return to my cancel url?

If ever possible can you give me link or tutorial on how to get the info of client when do cancel url.

thanks in advance.

Answer Source

I would assume not, since usually the cancel button is pressed before authentication but I've not tried it mid-process either. Normally the process is they log in, confirm payment and PayPal bounces them back to your payment completion page. But it could be possible to call getExpressCheckoutDetails if they cancel after authenticating. Again, I've never tried. But the worst that will happen is PayPal fails to return anything.

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