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How to write this query in laravel 5

I'm experiencing difficulty in writing this query in laravel 5.1,

select * from `host_requests` where `host_id` = 5 and (`email` LIKE "%v%" or `request_url` LIKE "%v%")

The purpose of this query is to fetch records that are associated with host_id = 5, also email and request_url are optional if they set then LIKE clause should be used.
I wrote the query in laravel like this

$searchname = "v";
$hostid = "5";
$data = HostRequest::where('email', 'LIKE', '%' . $searchname . '%')
->where('host_id', $hostid)
->orwhere('request_url', 'LIKE', '%' . $searchname . '%')

It is fetching all the records that are also not associated with host_id = 5.

Any help is much appreciated..Thanks

Answer Source

You should use where() with closure like this:

$data = HostRequest::where('host_id', $hostid)
               ->where(function($q) use($searchname) {
                   $q->where('email', 'like', '%'.$searchname.'%')
                     ->orWhere('request_url', 'like', '%'.$searchname.'%');
               })->orderBy('id', 'desc')
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