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C# Question

Can I find out the return value before returning while debugging in Visual Studio

Take the following function:

DataTable go()
return someTableAdapter.getSomeData();

When I set a breakpoint in this function, is there a possibility to inspect the returned value? The "go" function is directly coupled to a datagrid in an aspx page.

The only way to inspect the returned datatable, is to use a temporary variable... However, that's a bit inconvenient. Isn't there another way?

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Not that I know of. Note that if you do add a variable, it will get removed by the compiler in release builds anyway...

Update: This functionality has been added to VS2013. You can see the return values in the autos windows or use $ReturnValue in the watch/immediate window.

The value can only be seen directly after returning from the function, thus the easiest way to access it is by putting a breakpoint on the function call and step over (F10) the call.

Update for VS2015: boo! unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be in VS2015 (devenv v14)

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