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ASP.NET (C#) Question

How to access multiple website using different bindings on IIS 7.5

How can I access different websites hosted on my local IIS 7.5 (using different bindings) from my ipv4 address?

My system32\drivers\etc\host file has my binding names mapped to

In IIS, I have the normal "Default Web Site". Its binding hostname is empty, set to all unassigned ip address and port 80. On my network, I can access this site using the server ipv4 address like so :
where mySubSite is a child folder of the "Default Web Site". I can also access it locally using

If I setup a second website in IIS using the same binding as the "Default Web Site" but using a hostname (say "site2"), I can access it locally using

How can I access this second site on my network the same way I access the "Default Web Site" using the ip address? Is it possible?

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the easiest way to do this is to change the port binding on each website. This takes minimal configuration and you can place a website on any port you want (I recommend ports over a maximum of 65000)

For example, your default site will automatically be on port 80. Place site 2 on Port 2000. Then you can access your default site like you have above, and you can access site 2 with a similar url like Notice the port is specified in the url using the :[port] at the end.

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