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.Net SecureString in Java

I am trying to use a 3rd party authentication web service at a customer site. the web services was written in .Net and accepts SecureString as password type.

AuthResult Login(string username, SecureString passkey)

My app is written in Java and there is no compatible type for SecureString in Java that I can use :( When I generate an axis proxy, it generates a stub with no members for SecureString, and hence I am not able to make the authentication call to the service.

public class SecureString implements java.io.Serializable {
public SecureString() {

I am trying http://sanguinecomputing.com/a-secure-string-implementation-for-long-term-storage-of-sensitive-data-in-java/ but I am not very hopeful

Can anyone help me with how to overcome this interoperability issue? I am looking for a way to send parameter of type secureString from Java app code to .Net Service.

Answer Source

After more research, I can say that the .Net type of SecureString is not inter-operable. I have put the request out to the Service Provider to write a service that takes char[] as parameter.

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