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C# Question

Access to the value of a Custom Attribute

Ive got this Custom Attribute:

[AttributeUsage(AttributeTargets.Method, AllowMultiple=false, Inherited = true)]
class MethodTestingAttibute : Attribute
public string Value{ get; private set; }
public MethodTestingAttibute (string value)
this.Value= value;


To be used like this:

public int m1() {return 3; }

And my dificulty is to take the Value of "2" of the MethodTestingAttibute

object result = method.Invoke(obj, new Type[] {}); // here i get the return

Now i want to compare this result to the Value of the Method TestingAttibute. How i can do that? Im trying to go up to this road but without success: method.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(MethodTestAttibute), true)[0]...

What is the properly to get access to the field of the Custoum Attribute?

Answer Source
var attribute =
   typeof (Vehicles)
      .GetCustomAttributes(typeof (MethodTestingAttibute), false).First();
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