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iOS - best practice for managing code merge in a storyboard

Merging in a xcode storyboard with many team members can produce many conflicts etc. I need a strategy to share a storyboard with 20 team members but to avoid the nightmares associated with merging code in a storyboard.

I thought of having a separate target per team in xcode but this doesn't do well as we all need the updates so having two story boards is not good practice.

my code base is inherited. its a forked project that is storyboard heavy already. I think changing to xib might be difficult (??)

Answer Source

Check out this tutorial which clearly suggests not using a storyboard while working on team.

But you can divide team into each module and use some versioning system as bitbucket or git to manage your code with the help of multiple storyboards(separate storyboard for separate module).

Carefully commit and pull will definitely resolve conflicts.

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