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TypeScript Question

Typing a constrained dictionary with TypeScript

I have a TypeScript 2.0 project where I'd like to define an immutable Map using

. In particular I'd like to constrain the keys of the Map to a known set; something like the following:

type ConstrainedKeys = 'foo' | 'bar' | 'baz';
interface INameValuePair {
name: string;
value: string;
const dictionary = Immutable.Map<ConstrainedKeys, NameValuePair>(response);

Where the
might be something like:

foo: {
name: 'foo',
value: 'typing is fun'

But when I try and reference
I get the Typescript error:

[ts] Property 'foo' does not exist on type 'Map<ConstrainedKeys,INameValuePair>'.

Answer Source

Immutable.Map instances don't have properties for the entries, you need to access them like so:

let foo = dictionary.get("foo");

If you want to be able to access it like then you need to change the instances yourself, or you can use a Proxy:

const map = Immutable.Map<ConstrainedKeys, INameValuePair>({
    foo: {
        name: 'foo',
        value: 'typing is fun'

const dictionary = new Proxy(map, {
    get: (target: Immutable.Map<ConstrainedKeys, INameValuePair>, name: ConstrainedKeys) => {
        if ((target as any)[name]) {
            return (target as any)[name];
        return target.get(name);
}) as Immutable.Map<ConstrainedKeys, INameValuePair> & { foo: INameValuePair };

console.log(; // {name: "foo", value: "typing is fun"}
console.log(dictionary.get("foo")); // {name: "foo", value: "typing is fun"}
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