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How to send view to back ? How to control the z-order programmatically?

I have a problem to send the view to back. In Android we have a method like

, to place the view on top of the another view. Like that, I want to put the view on below the previous image.

Is there any method like
in Android. If so, can any one help me in this.

Note: that I do not want to control the z-order by the order of placing items in layout I want to control the z-order programmatically.

I do not want to hide the views on the front I just want them to be behind the view that is moving.

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Afaik there's no built-in solution for this. I guess you're trying to modify the z-order in a FrameLayout, or something similar.

However, I think you can modify the order of the contained child elements in the layout. RemoveChild...() and addView() methods can take position values, so you could most likely swap child elements around, and that would modify the z-order. It seems a bit hacky solution however.

Or consider modifying the visibility property of the child views, you may get similar behaviour, and that'd be much cleaner I think.


With the new Android version, the L Developer Preview it seems that at last we have the ability to easily change the Z ordering of Views. 'Elevation' and 'TranslationZ' properties to the rescue:

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