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Java Question

Java Play! 2.0 for eclipse

I have problems to create a eclipse project with eclipsify in Play!.

I've downloaded Play! from

I extracted it and opend my cmd (I am using windows btw)

I changed my directory to

cd C:\Users\kanta\Downloads\play-2.0.2\play-2.0.2

Then i created a new applciation with:

  • play new myApp

  • myApp

But now I am stuck, I don't know how to use
I don't know where I can find eclipsify.

I've tried this:

play eclipsify myApp


play myApp eclipsify

This resulted in "This is not a Play application".


For me it worked like this:


c:\windows\system32\;c:\windows\System32\Wbem;C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.7.0_05\bin\;c:\play

Answer Source

try the following steps

  1. play new myapp
  2. cd myapp
  3. play
  4. eclipsify

To clarify what is going on here

1 - creates a new play application,

2 - changes into the myapp directory

3 - starts the play SBT console, where you can execute the range of play commands

4 - runs the eclipsify command

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