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Is it possible to pre-populate a form from an ad unit?

This is likely a question I know the answer to but from a logistical point of view I want to just make sure. A client has asked if it is possible to have an ad unit that will contain a few form fields. If a customer fills in part of these details and then hits "submit" they will be taken to the actual form whereby the data that they entered previously will be pre-populated.

Programatically I believe this is possible (using an iframe?) but as this is going to be coming from an ad unit (more specifically a SWF file) I want to know if this is going to be possible. Could it be done using HTML5?

I know this isn't much information but at the moment it's all the info I have - I will try and update the question with more when I can. Thanks!

Answer Source

Use externalInterface:

import flash.system.Capabilities;

var playerType:String ="function(){return Capabilities.playerType}")

to do this, as in the following examples:

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