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Node.js Question

Sails app doesn't lower

In a custom script, I'm lifting Sails, doing some stuff, then calling

but the app doesn't stop. No error is returned either...

const Sails = require('sails')
, rc = require('rc');

function run() {
Sails.lift(rc('sails', {process: 'manual'}), (err, server)=> {
if (err) {

// ... do some stuff

Sails.lower({}, (err)=> {
console.log('ERROR', err);
return true;

The app just continues running. No error is returned from
and it doesn't have a callback result by default. I debugged in the
file itself and turns out that that code isn't even reached...

I think the problem is that
returns a callback, but my script doesn't accept one, so how do I manage this case?


So, actually the app was getting lowered and all services (HTTP, socket, etc.) were shut down, but the process itself continued running. process.exit() was the solution. So, I first gracefully lower all services and then terminate the process:

      Sails.lower({}, (err) => {
        if (err) {
          log.error('An error occurred while shutting the server down.');