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Apache Configuration Question

Custom 404 error issues with Apache

I am trying to create a custom 404 error for my website. I am testing this out using XAMPP on Windows.

My directory structure is as follows:


The content of my .htaccess file is:

ErrorDocument 404 error\404page.html

This produces the following result:

alt text

However this is not working - is it something to do with the way the slashes are or how I should be referencing the error document?

site site documents reside in a in a sub folder of the web root if that makes any difference to how I should reference?

Thank you in advanced.

When I change the file to be

ErrorDocument 404 /error/404page.html

I receive the following error message which isn't what is inside the html file I have linked - but it is different to what is listed above:

alt text

Answer Source

The ErrorDocument directive, when supplied a local URL path, expects the path to be fully qualified from the DocumentRoot. In your case, this means that the actual path to the ErrorDocument is

ErrorDocument 404 /JinPortfolio/error/404page.html

When you corrected it in your second try, the reason you see that page instead is because http://localhost/error/404page.html doesn't exist, hence the bit about there being a 404 error in locating the error handling document.

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