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Javascript Question

Updating React state after Finished Rendering

I'm learning about react's lifecycle methods and I'm wondering how to best address this scenario:

I have a component that fetches information about someone's hobbies

componentWillMount() {

The data is sent to a reducer which is mapped as a prop at bottom of the component

function mapStateToProps(state) {
return {

I have a component called twitterbootstrap which relies on my component's state to see what rows are selected.

const selectRowProp = {
mode: 'radio',
clickToSelect: true,
bgColor: "rgba(139, 195, 74, 0.71)",
selected: this.state.selected,

Here's my question. I want to access

--UPDATE I'm using componentWillRecieveProps as it has a setState option.

this.setState({selected:next.props.hobbies })

I want to use this.props.hobbies.selected as the next prop to be recieved. How would I incorporate that?


nextProps is the props object that is passed after the first rendering. there is nothing called next.props in the function componentWillReceiveProps. you can do something like that.

    this.setState({selected:nextProps.hobbies })