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Javascript Question

Call .Net from javascript in CefSharp 1 - wpf

I'm just learning C# WPF and has been successfully implemented CefSharp, how to call .NET function from javascript, that is loaded in CefSharp?

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  1. Construct WebView via WebView webView = new WebView(url)
  2. Then you can invoke RegisterJsObject method to register a js object.
  3. Use javascript to invoke this js object.

The example as below:

public class CallbackObjectForJs{
    public void showMessage(string msg){//Read Note

WebView webView = new WebView("http://localhost:8080");
webView.RegisterJsObject("callbackObj", new CallbackObjectForJs());

javascript code at frontend:

<script type="text/javascript">
    callbackObj.showMessage('message from js');
</script >

Note: The first character can't be upper of showMessage method at CallbackObjectForJs

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