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MVC 6 IUrlHelper Dependency Injection

I want to use IUrlHelper through dependency injection to be able to use its functionality to generate uris for different rest endpoints. I cant seem how to figure out how to create a UrlHelper from scratch because it changed in MVC 6 and MVC doesnt automatically have that service available in the IoC controller.

The setup is my Controller take in an internal model to api model converter class and that uses the IUrlHelper (all through Depenedency Injection).

If there is a better alternative to IUrlHelper/UrlHelper I can use to generate Uris for my WebApi action/controllers I am open to suggestion.

Answer Source

Instead of services.AddTransient<IUrlHelper, UrlHelper>() or trying to directly inject IUrlHelper you can inject IHttpContextAccessor and get the service from there.

public ClassConstructor(IHttpContextAccessor contextAccessor)
    this.urlHelper = contextAccessor.HttpContext.RequestServices.GetRequiredService<IUrlHelper>();

Unless it is just a bug, adding the IUrlHelper service with UrlHelper does not work.

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