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Bash script, read values from stdin pipe

I am trying to get bash to process data from stdin that gets piped it, but no luck, what I mean is none of the following work:

echo "hello world" | test=($(< /dev/stdin)); echo test=$test

echo "hello world" | read test; echo test=$test

echo "hello world" | test=`cat`; echo test=$test

where I want the output to be
test=hello world
. Note I've tried putting "" quotes around
that doesn't work either.

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IFS= read var << EOF

You can trick read into accepting from a pipe like this:

echo "hello world" | { read test; echo test=$test; }

or even write a function like this:

read_from_pipe() { read "$@" <&0; }

But there's no point - your variable assignments may not last! A pipeline may spawn a subshell, where the environment is inherited by value, not by reference. This is why read doesn't bother with input from a pipe - it's undefined.

FYI, http://www.etalabs.net/sh_tricks.html is a nifty collection of the cruft necessary to fight the oddities and incompatibilities of bourne shells, sh.

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