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Android Recording Incoming and Outgoing Calls

I am trying to understand is there a way I can record calls incoming and outgoing on android phones 2.2 and above?

A client wants to record calls of the agents they make to the clients so that it can be later used to fill out some material. Instead of making the client wait while on call they want to do it later on.

Is this possible and what APIs do I need to use?

Answer Source

First off, you have to be careful with recording calls as there are legal requirements depending on the country.

Here is a blog post on how to record audio using the MediaRecorder.

I haven't tried recording phone call's but there is a option in MediaRecorder AudioSource for:

  • VOICE_CALL - Voice call uplink + downlink audio source
  • VOICE_DOWNLINK - Voice call downlink (Rx) audio source
  • VOICE_UPLINK - Voice call uplink (Tx) audio source

As long as the audio source options work, you should be good to go.

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