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How to extract a GUID from a Win32 DLL or OCX

We have a .NET app that needs to examine a folder that may contain COM libraries (DLL and OCX.) When we do encounter a COM library one thing we need to accomplish is to extract the GUID from the COM DLL or OCX.

Is there a straightforward way to do this with .NET without using 3rd party libraries?

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This should work for you. It requires a reference to c:\windows\system32\tlbinf32.dll, but I'm assuming that is okay because it isn't a third party component.

Imports TLI 'from c:\windows\system32\tlbinf32.dll

Dim reglib As TLI.TLIApplication = New TLI.TLIApplicationClass()
Dim DLLPath As String = "c:\mycomponent.ocx"
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