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TypeScript Question

npm doesn't update tsc version

Typescript is updated using the following command:

npm install typescript -g

And latest version 2.4.2 is installed correctly and I can verify it by looking the path shown by folloing command:

npm list typescript -g

but the following command shown older version ( :

tsc -v

Also looked in TEMP variable and it points to the same path as it showed by
npm list

Also running
where tsc
in command prompt doesn't show anything and doesn't come up with any error.

Answer Source

It's likely that you have an old version of TypeScript installed for Visual Studio, and that the Visual Studio installation is shadowing the one installed through npm. You will probably need to change your PATH variable.

To check, open up a Command Prompt (CMD.exe) and type in

where tsc

If the first items are not associated with Node/npm, and are instead installed in something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\TypeScript\..., then you'll need to configure your system environment variables.

  1. Open up your start menu.
  2. Search for system environment variables
  3. Open the item titled Edit the system environment variables
  4. Ensure that the PATH environment variable has the Node/npm location prioritized over the Visual Studio location.
    1. Also ensure that any newer Visual Studio installation locations are prioritized over older ones.

Also see this answer.

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