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error: cannot convert 'bool' to 'svLogic*' in assignment

We are working on the system verilog DPI calls. While compiling the

file we are getting the errors like this:

error: cannot convert 'bool' to 'svLogic*' in assignment

is 4-state variable.

The VCS simulator has predefined function in DirectC method
, where vc_putScalar is "Passes the value of a scalar reg or bit to a vc_handle by reference". The vc_handle is input or output variable in function. With VCS we could use:
vc_putScalar(mem_req_rdy, mm->req_cmd_ready());

We are working on Modelsim questa simulator so DirectC will not work. We are tiring to modify the
into w.r.t of DPI IEEE Std 1800-2012 standards.
We changed the predefined function logic into this:
mem_req_rdy = mm->req_cmd_ready();
Here mem_req_rdy is svLogic and req_cmd_ready is bool.

Answer Source

Given that you had:

vc_putScalar(mem_req_rdy, mm->req_cmd_ready());

I am guessing that mem_req_rdy is of pointer type svLogic* (since from the name of the function vc_putScalar, it seems that it intends to change the value held in mem_req_rdy). So you need to dereference the pointer as in the following statement:

*mem_req_rdy = mm->req_cmd_ready();
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