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getOwnPropertyDescriptor returns undefine when it has a value

I have been like one hour trying to solve with getOwnProperty returns undefined, I check my notes and cannot find the reason, could please some1 check or even better explain me why this behaviour??? Main goal in here is just overwrite a property on a method that extends another one.

Here is the jsfiddle

var Person = function(firstName, lastName) {
this.firstName = firstName;
this.lastName = lastName;

Object.defineProperties(Person.prototype, {
sayHi : {
value : function() {
return "Hi there";
writable: true,
enumerable : true

fullName : {
get : function() {
return this.firstName + " " + this.lastName;
configurable : true,
enumerable : true


var createEmployee = function(firstName, lastName, ocupation) {

var employee = new Person(firstName, lastName);
employee.ocupation = ocupation;

/*over-w sayHi*/

var sayHifn = employee.sayHi.bind(employee);

employee.sayHi = function() {
return sayHifn() + " my name is " + this.firstName;

/*over-w fullName*/

var fullName = Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(employee, "fullName");
var fullNameFn = fullName.get.bind(employee);

Object.defineProperty(employee, 'fullName', {
get : function() {
return fullNameFn() + " this is o-w ";


return employee;


var record = createEmployee('jhon', 'doe', 'eng');

Answer Source

The reason you're getting undefined is that the employee variable does not have an "own" property called fullName. That property belongs to Person.prototype.

Give this a try:

var fullName = Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(Person.prototype, "fullName");

If you change that line, the rest of your code should work as-is.

For reference (emphasis added):

The Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor() method returns a property descriptor for an own property (that is, one directly present on an object, not present by dint of being along an object's prototype chain) of a given object.

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