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Javascript Question

how to add element in jquery append

I want to add element after click button, like this:
when I click Schedule button element text will appear and when I click Agenda button element Agenda will appear one by one, but in my code when I click Agenda button when element Text > 1, element agenda will looping, my code like this:

I want to like this:

Text 1

agenda 1

Text 2

agenda 2

Text 3

agenda 3

Answer Source

Move $("#add-agenda").click(function() { field_agenda = '<p>agenda '+total+'</p>'; $("#box-agenda-"+ total +"").append(field_agenda); }); out of its parent function; all scripts like :

var total = 0;
$("#add-schedule").click(function() {
    if (total<10) {
        total = total + 1;
        field_day = '<p>Text '+total+'</p><div id="box-agenda-'+total+'"></div>';


$("#add-agenda").click(function() {
  field_agenda = '<p>agenda '+total+'</p>';
  $("#box-agenda-"+ total +"").append(field_agenda);
<script src="" integrity="sha256-gvQgAFzTH6trSrAWoH1iPo9Xc96QxSZ3feW6kem+O00=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

<div id="box-schedule"></div>

<button id="add-schedule">Schedule</button>
<button id="add-agenda">Agenda</button>

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