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How can I capture output from the Windows cmd shell?

Is there any way with, say Perl or PHP, that I can grab output from another process that outputs to the Windows cmd shell? I have a game server that outputs certain information, for example say 'player finished track in 43s' and I want to grab that line and use Perl or PHP to send a request to a webserver to update ranks on a web page. Is there a way to grab that output pipe in Perl or PHP? Or could I achieve this using C++ Windows API maybe?

Let me clarify here: I want to execute a seperate Perl or PHP script that grabs output from the Windows cmd shell, and the output that is being displayed to the Windows cmd shell is coming from a different process.

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You need to start your server within Perl:

my $server_out = `server.exe`; # Note the backticks.

Now $server_out contains the output of server.exe. But the trick here is that you have to wait until server.exe exits to get the out put.

Try IPC::Run (which is not a core module)

use English;
use IPC::Run;
my ($stdout, $stderr);

IPC::Run::run([$cmd, $arg1, $arg2, $argN], \undef, \$stdout, $stderr);

while(<$stdout>) {
  print "Cmd said $_\n";

Note: Code not tested.

Found the info here.

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