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iOS Question

Building libunwind for Mac

I am trying to build libunwind on Mac for both iOS and Mac, I was able to resolve few of the compilation problem.

Building on Mac

I configured the project using

./configure CC="cc -Ae -D_XOPEN_SOURCE=500"

And copied
from google's breakpad project.

I get the following error now:

/usr/include/elf.h:58:15: fatal error: 'elf.h' file not found
#include_next <elf.h>

Can anybody help me in solving this problem Or there is some other procedure for build libunwind?

I would also like to know if something else has to be done to build libunwind for iOS.

Answer Source

I got an answer from libunwind developer forum.

I don't think it will work. There's no OS X support in libunwind at the moment, 
and the platform is quite different.

There is a sort of a libunwind (which has little or nothing to do with this one) in the  
OS itself though. See

There's also some sort of symbolization library for post-processing. IIRC 
you more or less want to use the tools that ship with base OS or at least Xcode, 
otherwise you are up against writing quite a lot of tooling yourself.

In short libunwind is not supported on Mac OS X.

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