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How can I push to my fork from a clone of the original repo?

I created a fork (let's call it

) of another repository (let's call it
) on GitHub. Later, I cloned

git clone https://github.com/original/orirepo.git

I modified about 20 files, then I staged my change and made a commit

git add
git commit

However, when I tried to push

git push

I got this error:

remote: Permission to original/orirepo.git denied to mylogin.
fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/original/orirepo.git/': The requested URL returned error: 403

I know I made a mistake: I should have cloned my fork rather than
, but it's too late for that now.
How could I push to my fork rather than to
, which I don't have write access to?

Answer Source

By default, when you clone a repository

  • that resides at https://github.com/original/orirepo.git,
  • whose current branch is called master,


  • the local config of the resulting clone lists only one remote called origin, which is associated with the URL of the repository you cloned;
  • the local master branch in your clone is set to track origin/master.

Therefore, if you don't modify the config of your clone, Git interprets

git push


git push origin master:origin/master

In other words, git push attempts to push your local master branch to the master branch that resides on the remote repository (known by your clone as origin). However, you're not allowed to do that, because you don't have write access to that remote repository.

You need to

  1. either redefine the origin remote to be associated with your fork, by running

    git remote set-url origin https://github.com/RemiB/myrepo.git
  2. or, if you want to preserve the original definition of the origin remote, define a new remote (called myrepo, here) that is associated to your fork:

    git remote add myrepo https://github.com/RemiB/myrepo.git

    Then you should be able to push your local master branch to your fork by running

    git push myrepo master

    And if you want to tell Git that git push should push to myrepo instead of origin from now on, you should run

    git push -u myrepo master


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