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ASP.NET (C#) Question

how to restart a web after re-starting a deallocated Azure Windows VM

I deallocated my Azure Windows server VM last year to save money.
Just re-allocated and restarted it.
Can log in OK.

But when I try to browse my web hosted by the VM, from public Internet I get:
"This page can’t be displayed"

How do I re-start my .NET web? (VisualBasic web app)

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As I known, if you shut down/stop your VM by Azure Portal, then the IP (public and internal IPs) addresses that were assigned to your Azure VM would be released as follows:

Virtual machines (classic)

enter image description here

Virtual machines

enter image description here

enter image description here

As this blog mentioned that:

Note that the IP addresses were excluded (internal and public), if you do not book a public IP (maximum of 5 per signature), you may notice that you have a web site or application on this machine, the web site / application will be unavailable and when turning it back as a new public IP will be provisioned. You have to do a DNS entry manually if you are accessing by a proper name.

I have tried to restart my VMs and wait for a while, then I could access my default website. Additionally, you could try to remote to your VM and check your app. Also, please try to check your inbound network traffic.

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