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Javascript Question

Inserting HTML with JS

I'm just a bit stumped about something at the moment I have the following code which works as expected, everything is fine with it. However I would like to make some minor changes as I would like the following function to be able to insert html markup within the text itself i.e;

var str = "Let's get Future Ready!";
var split = str.split("");
var counter = 0;

var SI = setInterval(function() {

var typeText = $('.typetext');
if(counter == str.length){clearInterval(SI)}


So at the moment, this function takes an array, split's and then using the setInterval method I have iterated over the string length. This allows for the text to look like it's being typed.

As you can see though, my initial value of str is 'var str = "Let's get Future Ready!";'

However I would like to add a break to my str value 'var str = "Let's get
Future Ready!"'

First of is it possible? Secondly, if anyone could offer me some advice I would be grateful, thanks.

Answer Source

So you want a line break in the HTML-Text you insert?

Insert a

<br />

into the array at the spot where you want the text to break.For inserting a element into an array look at the splice() function of javascript:

example with your code:

var str = "Let's get Future Ready!";
var split = str.split("");
var counter = 0;
split = split.splice(18, 0, "<br />");
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