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Java Question

How to get full AssertionError report without removing the Stack Frame in TestNG?

I use Selenium with TestNG.

I got following exception, when trying to get a element using;

The need is, I want to get the full stack frames. In the exception the removed stack frames ("Removed 24 stack frames") printed at the bottom of the exception.
But I want to print all the stack frames in the report.

java.lang.AssertionError: Elements[id, newDocName] was Not Visible
after waiting for 1 Minute

at processor.WebdriverActions.writeFailure(



... Removed 24 stack frames

Thanks in Advance.

Answer Source

You didn't describe how you run your tests, but if you want the complete Stacktrace, you can:

  • Use system property: JVM option or System.setProperty("", "true") in your code
  • Configure an higher verbose level (full stacktrace starts with verbose>=2)
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