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Swift Question

Remove TabBar item in Swift

I currently try to find a way to remove while run the app a TabBar Item, i found a way to enable or disable it but not to complete remove it.

For disable it i do:

enter image description here

In ViewDidLoad

if let tabBarItem = self.tabBarController?.tabBar.items?[3] as? UITabBarItem {
tabBarItem.enabled = false

This works well but still the user can see the TabBar item and i ll simply complete remove it, is there a way?

I want to trigger the TabBarItem via Parse, if i set the Parse Data to true it should show other way it should not.

Answer Source

You want to set the viewControllers property of your tabBarController with an array where you excluded the particular viewController that you don't want to have anymore.

if let tabBarController = self.tabBarController {
    let indexToRemove = 3
    if indexToRemove < tabBarController.viewControllers?.count {
        var viewControllers = tabBarController.viewControllers
        tabBarController.viewControllers = viewControllers
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