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Compare the last 2 strings of the name of the label to the first 2 string of the variable

I have 20 labels with names like

... until
. Each labels forecolor should change according to the value in the database,
0 = red, 1 = yellow, 2 = green

'I arrayed all the values of it, each item contains its specific value
Dim lightFunctions = New Integer() {a1_LightFunction, b1_LightFunction, c1_LightFunction, d1_LightFunction, e1_LightFunction _
, a2_LightFunction, b2_LightFunction, c2_LightFunction, d2_LightFunction, e2_LightFunction _
, a3_LightFunction, b3_LightFunction, c3_LightFunction, d3_LightFunction, e3_LightFunction _
, a4_LightFunction, b4_LightFunction, c4_LightFunction, d4_LightFunction, e4_LightFunction}

'Loop through each item of array and get the value
For Each lightFunctionsValue As Integer In lightFunctions

'Loop through each label in my form
For Each c As Label In Me.Controls.OfType(Of Label)()
'This is my problem, I don't know how to make this that if it detects that for example the label's name ends with A1 then it should get the value of a1_LightFunction the if it is 0 it should be red
If c.Name.EndsWith("") and lightFunctionsValue = 0 Then c.ForeColor =
If c.Name.EndsWith("") and lightFunctionsValue = 1 Then c.ForeColor = color.yellow
If c.Name.EndsWith("") and lightFunctionsValue = 2 Then c.ForeColor =

I believed that if I do it like that I can avoid so many if's condition like this

If a1_LightFunction = 0 Then
lbl_A1.ForeColor = Color.Red
End If
If b1_LightFunction = 0 Then
lbl_B1.ForeColor = Color.Red
End If
If c1_LightFunction = 0 Then
lbl_C1.ForeColor = Color.Red
End If
If d1_LightFunction = 0 Then
lbl_D1.ForeColor = Color.Red
End If
If e1_LightFunction = 0 Then
lbl_E1.ForeColor = Color.Red
End If

And so on and so forth until it reaches ....

If e4_LightFunction = 2 Then
lbl_E4.ForeColor = Color.Green
End If

Answer Source

All you may need is a little abstraction and a way to link labels with some sort of key:

Private lblCol As Dictionary(Of String, Label)
Dim lbls As Label() = {Label2, Label3, Label4, Label5}
Dim keys As String() = {"lbl_a1", "lbl_c1", "lbl_b4", "lbl_d3"}

lblCol = New Dictionary(Of String, Label)
For n As Int32 = 0 To keys.Count - 1
    lblCol.Add(keys(n), lbls(n))

Then a generic updater:

Private Sub UpdateLabel(lbl As Label, n As Int32)
    Select Case n
        Case 0
            lbl.BackColor = Color.Red
        Case 1
            lbl.BackColor = Color.Yellow
        Case 2
            lbl.BackColor = Color.Green
    End Select
End Sub

Loop thru all of them:

For Each kvp In lblCol
    UpdateLabel(kvp.Value, RNG.Next(0, 3))

To find them use the key, which in your original method was the name:

Dim find = "lbl_a1"
UpdateLabel(lblCol(find), RNG.Next(0, 3))

The key needs to be something simple from the DB to allow you to set up the link/map and make it simple to find the right control.

RNG is a Random object, you would use the DB values.

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