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JSON Question

Smart-on-FHIR Python Client with Bundles

So I have a FHIR patient bundle json from the "$everything" operation:

I am now interested in using the Smart of FHIR Python Client Models to make working with the json file a lot easier. An example given is the following:

import json
import fhirclient.models.patient as p
with open('path/to/patient.json', 'r') as h:
pjs = json.load(h)
patient = p.Patient(pjs)[0].given
# prints patient's given name array in the first `name` property

Would it be possible to do instantiate something with just a generic bundle object class to be able access different resources inside the bundle?

Answer Source

Yes, you can instantiate a Bundle like you can instantiate any other model, either manually from JSON or by a read from the server. Every search returns a Bundle as well. Then you can just iterate over the bundle's entries and work with them, like put them in an array:

resources = []
if bundle.entry is not None:
    for entry in bundle.entry:

p.s. It should be possible to execute any $operation with the client, returning the Bundle you mention, but I have to check if we've exposed that or if it has not been committed.

Command line example:

import fhirclient.models.bundle as b
import json
with open('fhir-parser/downloads/bundle-example.json', 'r') as h:
    js = json.load(h)
bundle = b.Bundle(js)
[<fhirclient.models.bundle.BundleEntry object at 0x10f40ae48>, 
 <fhirclient.models.bundle.BundleEntry object at 0x10f40ac88>]
for entry in bundle.entry:

// prints
<fhirclient.models.medicationorder.MedicationOrder object at 0x10f407390>
<fhirclient.models.medication.Medication object at 0x10f407e48>
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