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Bash Question

how to get the total size of certain folders in bash?

How can I get the total size of the certain folders?

For example I have a list of specific folder names in users.txt

# cat users.txt

all this folders are locate in /home/

I have tried to execute:

# for i in `cat users.txt`; do du -shc /home/$i/; done
3.9M /home/user1/
3.9M total
141M /home/user2/
141M total
75M /home/user3/
75M total

but I need a total size of all of this folders.

Answer Source
du -shc $(sed 's@^@/home/@' users.txt)

That uses the contents of users.txt, prepended with /home/, as the arguments to du, so it will sum them for you.

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