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R Question

select id with a certain condition and measure average of the values of these ids in R

I wish to select ids and take average of ids by a certain condition. I'd like to measure the average of all the ids who had at least 1 time a particular factor

mdf <- data.frame (id =c(1,2,3,2,1,2),
factor= c("a","b","a","a","b" ,"a") , value = c(4,0,5,2,3,6))

id factor value
1 1 a 4
2 2 b 0
3 3 a 5
4 2 a 2
5 1 b 3
6 2 a 6

For instance, I want average of ids who had
as factor, id 1 and 2 had
as a factor at list one time, So' my code should extract the values of id 1 and id 2 and measure their average (4 + 0 + 2 + 3 + 6) / 5 = 3. Note that id 3 never had
, so it is excluded from the calculation.
so my ideal output will be

factor avg
a 3.33
b 3

Answer Source

After converting the data.frame to data.table (setDT(mdf)), we loop through the unique elements of 'factor', grouped by 'id', if any of the 'factor' have that particular element, subset the data.table (.SD), get the mean of the 'value' and the unique 'factor' element as a 2 column 'data.table' and rbind the list elements.

rbindlist(lapply(unique(mdf$factor), function(x) {
       x1 <- mdf[, if(any(factor==x)) .SD, id][, .(factor= x, avg=mean(value))]}))
#   factor      avg
#1:      a 3.333333
#2:      b 3.000000
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