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python equivalent of ruby's ASCII-8BIT encoding scheme

I need to encoding something in ASCII-8BIT because it's part of the specification of the program.

The demo code is written in ruby and they have used


which is equivalent to

Below is the encoding aliases of ruby

#=> {"BINARY"=>"ASCII-8BIT", "ASCII"=>"US-ASCII", "ANSI_X3.4-1986"=>"US-ASCII",
"SJIS"=>"Shift_JIS", "eucJP"=>"EUC-JP", "CP932"=>"Windows-31J"}

I need something in python for the ASCII-8BIT. The default ASCII has 0-255 i.e total 8 bits, but im not sure if thats what i need to do.

suffice ?

Answer Source

The Python equivalent is Latin-1; all Unicode codepoints from 0x00 through to 0xFF are mapped one-on-one to bytes with the same value.

Note that this would encode Unicode to a bytestring. In Python 2.7, str is already a bytestring and doesn't need encoding.

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