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How to use Swagger Codegen TypeScript Fetch Client

Has anyone successfully used the Swagger Code Generator to create a TypeScript Fetch client that can be used within the browser? I'm trying to use the generated API client within a React application that uses TypeScript.

Although I've successfully generated a client (i.e. the api.ts file), I'm getting hung up on the fact that it begins with the following imports:

import * as querystring from "querystring";
import * as url from "url";

import * as isomorphicFetch from "isomorphic-fetch";
import * as assign from "core-js/library/fn/object/assign";

interface Dictionary<T> { [index: string]: T; }
export interface FetchAPI { (url: string, init?: any): Promise<any>; }


While I can successfully find the TypeScript typings (i.e. @types) for isomorphic-fetch and core-js, I can't find typings for querystring and url. As a result, I'm getting
[ts] Cannot find module...
for the
and also the

Is this client not actually intended to be used within the browser? Otherwise, can anyone provide any suggestions for what I might be doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Answer Source

Thanks for the link, wing328, that ended up taking me down the path that lead to the 'TypeScript Fetch'-specific readme. In particular, this section here: expalins that the Swagger Code Generator does not directly create JavaScript - you must run npm install or `npm publish'. You'll then be able to find the JavaScript-based API and associated typings in the dist folder.

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