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TypeScript Question

how to declare typescript interface extension to node request session object?

In the following,

is added to the session object by my passport methods. How do I declare its interface in typescript?

import express = require('express');
import expressSession = require('express-session');

// how to declare presence of returnTo, which is not in underlying type?

export function createSession(req: express.Request, res: express.Response, next: Function) {

passport.authenticate('local', (err: any, user: UserInstance, info: any) => {
//. . .
req.logIn(user, (err) => {
//. . .
res.redirect(req.session.returnTo || '/');
})(req, res, next);

Answer Source

There's a type declaration for express-session on DefinitelyTyped:


Following the pattern in that file, you can create a new d.ts (call it whatever you want) containing:

declare module Express {
  export interface Session {
    returnTo: string;

TypeScript will "merge" this extra property into the existing definitions.

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