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Java JAR behaving differently to program run out of IDE

Ok, so I have been making a chat client in netbeans and I'm pretty much done.
I decided to clean and build to test it standalone.

However, when a message is received from the other program using sockets (Connection goes fine), the program closes. This issue never occurred when it was run straight from the IDE.

So, what I am wondering is whether the program behaves differently(well it obviously does, but how?) once it is clean and built into a jar. Is there something extra I must take into account. Such as does an exception mean it will all suddenly cease?

Also, since it only occurs with the built jar I cannot see any exceptions that may have occurred. I am very stumped...

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The main differences will be the directory it is run from, the specific version of Java you use and the command line options.

Of these, the most likely cause of a problem is running a different version of Java. I would check that

java -version

is the same as in netbeans.

I would also run your JAR from the command line to ensure that you see an exceptions/error produced.

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