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Javascript Question

Check input value length

I have a problem with input checking. I don't want to send the request if the input length is less than 3.

My form:

<form method='post' action=''>
Albūma nosaukums: # # this is the input --><input id='titleeee' type='text' name'album_title' /><br />

Bilde Nr 1: <input type='file' name='pic_nr1' /><br />
Bilde Nr 2: <input type='file' name='pic_nr2' /><br />
Bilde Nr 3: <input type='file' name='pic_nr2' /><br />


<br />

<input Onclick='testlenght(document.getElementById("titleeee"), "Tavs albūma nosaukums ir pa īsu!", "3")' type='submit' value='Pievienot' />

Answer Source

You can add a form onsubmit handler, something like:

<form onsubmit="validate();">


function validate() {
 // check if input is bigger than 3
 var value = document.getElementById('titleeee').value;
 if (value.length < 3) {
   return false; // keep form from submitting

 // else form is good let it submit, of course you will 
 // probably want to alert the user WHAT went wrong.

 return true;
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