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AngularJs - How to get cell data of clicked row

I have created an Angular Js ui-grid, and last column consist with a button.
when click on that button i need to get the data of each cell of that row.
if anyone can help me to figure this out would be appreciate.

var removeTemplate = '<input type="button" value="" style="background: url(../../Content/images/del-currency.png);widht:60px;height:30px" ng-click="removeRow()" />';
$scope.selectedCurrencyGrid = {
data: 'selectedCurrencies',
multiSelect: false,
selectedItems: $scope.selectedCurrencyRow,
enableColumnResize: false,
enableRowSelection: true,
columnDefs: [
{ field: 'Name', displayName: 'Name' },
field: 'IsDefault',
displayName: 'Default',
cellTemplate: '<input type="radio" name="radAnswer" ng-model="row.entity.IsDefault">'
{ name: 'Photo', field: 'photoP', displayName: '', cellTemplate: removeTemplate }


$scope.removeRow = function () {
var index = this.row.rowIndex;
//need to get cell data of selected row

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Add row.entity to your template function,
this will give you access to the object properties (row cells):

<input type="button" value="" style="background: url(../../Content/images/del currency.png);widht:60px;height:30px" ng-click="removeRow(row.entity)" />';

Make sure your function in the conteroller gets a parameter:

$scope.removeRow = function (selectedRowObject) {
            //Your logic...