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How do I update my bare repo?

I created a bare repo to publish my repository, but I can't figure out how to update the bare repo with the current state of the main repository.

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If you want to duplicate all the objects from the main repo, do this inside the main repo:

git push --all <url-of-bare-repo>

Alternatively, do a fetch inside the bare repo:

git fetch <url-of-main-repo>

You cannot do a pull, because a pull wants to merge with HEAD, which a bare repo does not have.

You can add these as remotes to save yourself some typing in the future:

git remote add <whatever-name> <url-of-other-repo>

Then you can simply do

git push --all <whatever-name>


git fetch <whatever-name>

depending on what repo you're in. If <whatever-name> is origin, you can even leave it out altogether.

Disclaimer: I'm not a git guru. If I said something wrong, I'd like to be enlightened!

Update: Read the comments!

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