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Swift Question

Target Multiple Sprites Based on their Name?

The problem with this code is that it's only targeting 1 SKNode named "coin", I want to target all SKNodes named "coin". I'm not sure how to do this...

Heres what I have:

func killCoins(){
let skcoin: SKNode = self.childNodeWithName("coin")!
// Looks for a SKNode named "coin".
let coinsprite: SKSpriteNode = (skcoin as? SKSpriteNode)!
// Converts the SKNode into a SKSpriteNode
// Kills Sprite

Answer Source

To remove multiple SKSpriteNodes, loop through all of the children and remove those SKSpriteNodes with the name "coin".

func killCoins() {
    for child in self.children where child is SKSpriteNode {
        if == "coin" {
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