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How many things gamepad api and hid api differ from each other

I'm curious that if I want to use some custom sensor hardware (HID compatible) to act like gamepad. And then use gamepad API to work with it with js/html. What I won't be able to do?

Specifically, what could be done on HID api but cannot be with GamePad api? (and vice versa, if there is)

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As far as the Gamepad API goes, it is originally a Read-Only API. Hence you could make your sensor as one which emits events every few ticks to hack your HID device into acting like a Gamepad.

The con of this method is that you would not be able to write back to the "sensor -> HID interface -> Gamepad Device" system via the APIs.

As long as that is not a requirement, feel free to use it in this combination.

BONUS: If you want duplex communication abilities, you might consider hosting a server on a machine that connects to the HID device and use Java/PHP/Node based serial communications protocol to read/write to the sensor.

Your frontend application where the JS is running can then poll your server via AJAX for reading/writing data.

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