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Aurelia bundling and production deployment on NodeJS

I am new to Aurelia. I am able to run the Aurelia app using 'gulp watch' in local system. Now I want to put the Aurelia app in an external server which has NodeJS installed.
I used 'gulp bundle' to create dist folder entries. What are the next steps in deploying after bundling? Aurelia official documentation doesn't explain after bundling steps.

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The reason Aurelia documentation stops here is because this is as far as Aurelia goes. Aurelia is a framework for building applications. You will need a resource for hosting applications at this point.

If your application consists exclusively of your Aurelia application--that is, if you have no server behind it, you might consider static file hosting, since Aurelia files are static javascript files. Here are some resources you might find helpful.

Note that you do not want to use gulp watch in a production environment. The default gulp watch command leverages a node-based development server (browser-sync at the time of writing) which that both slows down your server and adds unwanted behavior.

IIS (Windows Server)

nginx (Linux server)

node-based (any server)

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