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Python Question

Only download a part of the document using python requests

I'm writing a web scraper using python-requests.

Each page is over 1MB, but the actual data I need to extract is very early on in the document's flow, so I'm wasting time downloading a lot of unnecessary data.

If possible I would like to stop the download as soon as the required data appears in the document's source code, in order to save time.

For example, I only want to extract the text in the "abc" Div, the rest of the document is useless:

<title>My site</title>

<div id="abc">blah blah...</div>

<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris fermentum molestie ligula, a pharetra eros mollis ut.</p>
<p>Quisque auctor volutpat lobortis. Vestibulum pellentesque lacus sapien, quis vulputate enim mollis a. Vestibulum ultrices fermentum urna ac sodales.</p>
<p>Nunc sit amet augue at dolor fermentum ultrices. Curabitur faucibus porttitor vehicula. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.</p>
<p>Etiam sed leo at ipsum blandit dignissim ut a est.</p>


Currently I'm simply doing:

r = requests.get(URL)

Answer Source

What you want to use here is called Range HTTP Header.

See: (Specifically the bit on Range).

See also API Docs on Custom Headers


from requests import get

url = ""
headers = {"Range": "bytes=0-100"}  # first 100 bytes

r = get(url, headers=headers)
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