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Validate that a password is alphanumeric with regex JS

I want to validate that an entered password contains letters (no minimum or maximum) and at least 1 number. Ths is my validation so far.

function validate(){

var password = $("#password").val(); //user enters password in text field

if (/^[0-9]{1,}[A-Za-z]{1,}/.test(password)){ //this regex does not quite do what i want
alert("Password is correct");
else if (password == null || password.length == 0){
alert("Enter password");
alert("Wrong password");

Answer Source

Regex for alphanumeric characters:


Regex for at least one numeric:


Regex for at least one alphabetic:


You can combine the above into an if statement as follows:

if (/^([a-zA-Z0-9]+)$/.test(password) && /\d/.test(password) &&
    /[A-Z]/i.test(password)) {
    alert("Password is correct");