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JSON Question

Weblogic JSON renderization

I am using angularjs in a grails 2.4.4 application and in order to provide data to it, every request of my application has a JSON format response, like:

render object as JSON

When I deploy it in Weblogic 12c, the respond is not returning the JSON correctly. I am obtaining a JSON that is not a JSON. This not happens in others servers.

For a better understanding look these image:

In Weblogic 12c I don't obtain a JSON object in the response

the problem in weblogic12c

Tomcat and Wildfly(Ok)

In Tomcat and WildFly it runs OK

Somebody help me?

Answer Source

I did't found the tecnologic answer. Instead, I installed the production version of Weblogic and in this case it works! I supose, one of the production version installed plugins was missing in my old version. Regards

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