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Set floor/round value sql value

I'm developing a bank system for Garry's Mod (GLua) using sql for it. I want to create a "profit" that adds a percentage to every player every minute:
The sql query is this one:

bank = bank * "..multiplier

This is what it returns when running that query on DBBrowser:

no such function: floor: UPDATE darkrp_player SET bank = floor(bank * 1.25)

multiplier var is (profit/100) + 1 profit is another var

So my problem is that everytime I run that query, every bank row is full of decimals, example:

profit = 25
--before query:
'bank' = 2
--after query:
'bank' = 2.5

My question is: How can I set floor to the value I'm setting to 'bank'? I could get everybody's 'bank' value and set it one by one, but that would be really really complicated... So, i'm looking something like

bank = floor(bank * "..multiplier..")"

I'm sorry if you haven't understood something, you can ask me whatever related to my problem, I'll be glad to answer you. THANKS!

Answer Source

If there is no FLOOR function on that built-in server, try this:

SELECT CAST('67.896' AS int),  CAST('5.57' AS int)
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